Share 1001 stories with me aims to promote a taste for reading in children aged 0 to 6, a key period for the development of their reading habits and their language. Inspired by the program set up at the Beloeil library, it was adapted by the Association of Public Libraries of Montérégie, which received assistance from the Government of Quebec as part of the Financial Support Program for Initiatives to Promote awakening to reading, writing and mathematics.

Children aged 0 to 6, and subscribers to their library, can register for the program and receive fun and colorful material to accompany them in their reading moments. Each child will then receive a measuring rod and stickers while the parent will have access to a leaflet and videos presenting inspiring tips to liven up the reading period at home.

Thus, within the framework of Tell me 1001 stories, families are invited to experience pleasant parent-child moments around reading and at their own pace. To celebrate moments of reading, children can stick stickers on the board (for example every 5, 10 or 15 books read). The height chart also makes it possible to note the stages of growth of the child.

Note that reading provides great benefits to children: language development, development of imagination, improved concentration and better academic success. In addition, reading together promotes the emotional bond between parent and child and develops a love for books and reading that will last for life.

Go to your library to participate in the program and benefit from the diverse activities and attractive book collections that promote awakening to reading for children from 0 to 6 years old.