Ideas for book-related games

Make the sounds from the story with the child

  • Starting the car (vroom, vroom)
  • Falling rain
  • The creaking door
  • Etc.

Encourage the child to interact with the characters in the story

  • “The character in the book is your friend, show him your stuffed animal.”
  • “The character in the book is hungry, what could you give him to eat?”
  • Etc.

Create riddles inspired by the book

  • “I see an animal that goes moo! and that gives milk. Can you find it on the page?”
  • “I see a little girl who is crying. Do you see her on the page?”
  • Etc.

Use the book to play peekaboo

  • Hide behind the book and pop back into the child’s view and say Peekaboo

Transform the book into an animal or an object

  • The book can become a bird that flaps its wings (with the pages)
  • The book can become a barking dog (with the pages)
  • he book can become a airplane
  • Etc.

Imagine a meeting between characters from different books

  • “What would Little Red Riding Hood say to Snow White?”
  • “What would Asterix do if he met Tintin?
  • Etc.

Seek and find items in book’s pages

  • Look for a star in the book
  • Find a book with a heart
  • Etc.